Founded in 1923. Since then have been engaged in manufacuring and sellinghumidifying sprayers for spinning and weaving industry.

In 1939, converted to machine tool manufacturer owing to the wartime footing.

In 1943, began to manufacture engine cylinders for aircrafts and evacuated to Hokawa and Futamata.

In 1945, main factory suffered from wardamage.

Soonafter the end of the wer, reconstructed main factory and restart manufacturing and selling humidifying sprayers.

In 1950, expanded the manufacturing lines so as to make air conditioners.

In1963, founded Kishiwada Office.

In1965, constructed fresh factory in Tateno.

In1969, Head Office moved to Tateno.

In1995, constructed fresh factory in Ryuyo.

Together, Head Office moved in Ryuyo.

During the career,our's predecessor president awarded Superiror Prize from the Invention Association in 1955, 'Purple Prize' in 1962 and 'The 4th Order of Merit, Minor Cordon of Rising Sun, in 1966.